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    Alonso thread

    Since he is no longer in F1, I think a separate thread is warranted.

    I personally think its amazing what he is trying to do with all the different types of Motorsports. Lets start with a list of major race wins/championships.

    1. F1 Champ (2-time)
    2. Monaco GP (2-time)
    3. 24 hrs of Le-Mans
    4. Rolex 24 (Daytona)
    5. 1000 Miles of Sebring
    6. 6 Hours of Spa

    He also has a few more races that I think he would like to win. Some confirmed, some speculation:

    1. Indy 500
    2. Dakar (tested truck in 2019)
    3. Daytona 500 (tested car in 2018)

    Would not be surprised to see him try a rally stage or RallyCross at some point also, many racers did with various level of success.

    Once the pressure is off and they can have fun, guys like those can make great things happen behind the wheels of a decent car.


      He may be back in F1 next year or 2021 if they continue to improve the car.

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        Alonso first to crash in Indy practice | RACER


          No point in half-assing it.
          Hit the 3 different walls, and took all 4 corners off the car. Almost put it upside down too. Well done!!!


            Originally posted by Petawawarace View Post
            No point in half-assing it.
            Hit the 3 different walls, and took all 4 corners off the car. Almost put it upside down too. Well done!!!
            If I dont see anyone doing that in the next ice racing season i'll be disappointed.


              McLaren apologizes to Alonso after ‘incredibly painful’ failure | RACER

              McLaren sporting director Gil de Ferran has apologized to Fernando Alonso, describing the McLaren team’s failure to qualify for this year’s Indianapolis 500 as “the most painful experience” he has had in racing.

              “Last but not least, I want to thank this man here on my left, who – and I want to apologize to you, as well, because we didn’t give you a car that was fast enough. You drove like the champion that we know you are.

              “Particularly these last three days have been incredibly tense and very difficult, and we couldn’t have asked anything more from you, Fernando. So I’m sorry, man. You’re an amazing driver. In my 35 years of racing, actually a few more, this is the most painful experience I’ve ever had.

              “There’s a mixture of emotions going on inside of me, but we are racers. We respect this place. This is one of the toughest challenges in racing. I want to come back tomorrow. I want to fight. I want to come back tomorrow and fight. This is incredibly painful.”

              MILLER: Was this really a surprise? | RACER

              It wasn’t a surprise that McLaren struggled this month at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Most of us figured the proud Formula 1 team would find starting an IndyCar team from scratch to be a big challenge.

              But nobody thought Fernando Alonso could miss the show. Well… that’s not entirely true. That thought began creeping into our minds late in the week as we watched this train wreck unfold.

              From the Open Test when the car died and it took an hour to figure out why, to taking more than a day to prepare the backup car, to missing 10 minutes of valuable practice on Sunday morning to the sparkler show off the gearbox when they couldn’t dial in the ride height, McLaren looked as out of synch as it did out of place.

              “I think they were kind of arrogant about what it takes to run here,” said a veteran mechanic. “But I don’t think they are anymore.”

              It’s not that Zak Brown’s team lacked mechanical skills. Or technical experience, since they had former Indy-winning engineer Andy Brown. They built one car in England with their people and the other was assembled in Florida with some longtime Indy mechanics. But it appears they were woefully short of structure and direction.

              The Dallara DW12 is a different animal to a homemade F1 chassis, especially on an oval. There is a finite art to preparing a car to cut through the air at 230 mph with identical chassis.

              “Spec racing is hard. It’s all about details, not design,” said veteran Sebastien Bourdais, who qualified seventh for Dale Coyne Racing with Vasser-Sullivan. “It’s all about the car and the people working on the car. They didn’t didn’t have current people, so I really wasn’t surprised. It wasn’t Fernando’s fault; he ran wide-open. That’s all you can ask here.”

              Asked if he felt sorry for Alonso, the always-candid Bourdais replied: “No, I think he’s relieved. He didn’t want to start in the last row in a car that had no chance to win.”




                Page not found -

                McLaren IndyCar president Robert Fernley is leaving the team, RaceFans has learned from sources with knowledge of situation.

                Fernley was placed on gardening leave pending his departure less than 24 hours after Fernando Alonso failed to qualify for the Indianapolis 500.

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                  McLaren Partners with SPM for 2 (possibly 3) car full season Indycar deal. Unfortunately it looks like Hinchcliffe will be out of a seat.

                  McLaren partners with Arrow SPM for full-time IndyCar program | RACER


                    Who will drive though? I wouldn’t be surprised if Alonso did or didn’t join.

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                      I think Alonso will do a few races. Indy for sure. They haven't confirmed anything driver wise other than they will have a car ready for Wickens when he is able to come back. Arrow and Wickens are already working on a hand control Indycar.