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Ross Bentley's Speed Secrets Workshop

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    Ross Bentley's Speed Secrets Workshop

    Ross Bentley's Speed Secrets Workshop info on Apr 25, 2019 (607888) |

    He's back, and this time we're on the track.

    Two day program, April 25th and 26th, Go over your driving, the track and your setup.

    Not enough? book him for private coaching on Saturday April 27th - only 4 spots left. thanks DBG!

    Available at Calabogie Motorsports Park

    Ross Bentley will be your coach, as he has with drivers at practically every level and type of racing, from Indy Car to NASCAR, and from novice HPDE drivers to club racers.

    In a program exclusively designed for advanced drivers, the topics covered over the two days are:
    • The mental game of driving – Ross’ Inner Speed Secrets
    • Improving your ability to sense the limits of your car
    • Managing your focus and concentration
    • How to improve your corner entry speed (without hurting exit speed)
    • The key to shaving seconds off your best lap time – the use of the brakes
    • A fresh look at the “ideal line”
    • Turn 8 aka " Temptation "
    • When & how to use the throttle – and when not to
    • How to adapt to your car’s handling
    • Common driving errors & what to do about them
    • What vehicle dynamics mean to you
    • Getting in the zone
    • How to learn new tracks and skills more quickly
    • And any specific topic/issue that you want covered

    Before and after each of your on-track sessions, Ross will discuss these topics and provide you with specific techniques to focus and work on during your next on-track session. During these relaxed and fun briefings, you’ll have time to ask questions, and ensure that the driving issues that you specifically want to address are covered. While you’ll be in a small group, it’ll be as if Ross is working with you on a one-on-one basis.

    If you’re looking for that extra little edge, you feel as though your driving has plateaued, you want to learn even more about your driving, and/or you want to take your driving to the next level, this program is for you.

    Is your car not ready? Rent one of our CMP Race Prepped Mustangs!

    Two Day on track workshop Ross Bentley's Speed Secrets Workshop info on Apr 25, 2019 (607888) |

    $649 Early bird price

    $749 After Feb 26th

    $849 After March 26th

    Also available - Saturday April 27th - private coaching for 5 drivers only during the test and tune day for Calabogie Challenge Series.

    Private coaching April 27th - $1000 ( no run groups, limited to 5 drivers )

    HST is extra

    All pricing is CDN $

    Damn you Greg for being awesome at this stuff.

    (shakes fist while pondering wife points and $$)


      “Business related training”?


        early bird rate ends today, save while you can. only 2 spots left for the private coaching option on April 27th.


          In for the 25th/26th. Excited to be back out after a few years of heavily dialling back on events.


            Price goes up tonight - 10 spots remaining. pretty much the best learning you will ever get. ever. you in ?


              What an amazing day yesterday. I didn't even time my laps but I feel so much faster. And Ross answered some questions I've had for a very long time but didn't even really know ho to articulate. Thank you Greg once again!!!
              Sarcasm is overrated


                Eye opening.
                Lots of knowledge, now we just need to go use it, regularly and not forget about it.

                I feel a bunch of drivers will be quicker now, will need to check my mirrors alot more.

                And the rain day was outstanding training, got colder and seemed like less and less grip all day.

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                  New livery for the inside of my front wind screen in line of sight while driving:


                  Thanks Wing.

                  I have honestly been saying Eyes Up Look Ahead a lot lately... it works. Helped me not get pissed off at the idiot at the gym who can lift weights but doesn't have the strength to put the weight back on the rack.
                  Sarcasm is overrated