Just did my first weekend of regional racing, at Kyle's weekend. Managed to keep out of trouble so got a clean observation. 1 down, 2 to go.

Learned a few things.

31 cars racing on the short track is crazy.

Ariel Atoms are cool cars but totally impossible to see. On the first race start the left side of the grid backed up so I tried to tuck in behind Pieter's Nastruck... but then I was thinking "where the fuck did the two Atoms go?" Oh wait, I can see a disembodied Go Pro camera floating outside my right hand window. Figured they were both hiding on my right side (and they totally were), so I ended up out in the marbles on short track corner 1. That screwed me pretty hard lol. Almost made up the lost ground but then the full course caution went up, and that took us to checkered. Sigh. At least I didn't squash the things.

This led to a horrible pun... "Good thing you didn't split the Atoms." I will not name names.

It's really hard to turn right when you can't see through the right half of your windshield. Also a grid heater is only slightly effective (same problem at Watkins Glen last week... great idea but they suck). Having a blower that circulates air past your exhaust works better... just needs to point at more useful places. I was told a lot of people were in worse shape than me - pitting in to get rags and such.

Rain slicks are awesome. I could have been pretty fast if I could see where I was going.

The little rear view camera I put in the car was absolutely awesome in the rain. I couldn't see anything in the mirror, but the little camera worked like a champ!

Jeff's Trans Am car is stupid fast.