'Top designer Adrian Newey immediately steps back to Red Bull'

Adrian Newey takes a step back at Red Bull Racing. The top designer is considered one of the greatest designers of all time in Formula 1, but now makes room for Pierre Waché as technical director, reports L'Equipe.

Waché comes from the team of Newey and the Frenchman himself was brought forward by Newey. ,, I know what this position means and I know the risk. I will not say that I am afraid of it, but I know what is expected of me. I will show that I can do it ", says Waché in L'Equipe.

Waché says that he will sail a different course at Red Bull than the Brit. "Newey puts more emphasis on aerodynamics and I want to see more how I can push the car to the ground", he explains.

In recent years Newey was mainly busy with the design of the Aston Martin Valkyrie, but was rushed to Red Bull last season, to improve the RB13 after it turned out that the car of Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo had a huge disadvantage on Mercedes and Ferrari. The updates during the season were made thanks to Newey.

Newey has won no fewer than ten constructors' titles, more than any other designer. In addition, he is the only designer who won the title with three different teams.

In the past two weeks, Verstappen and Ricciardo tested the new car, the RB14, in Barcelona. That was in contrast to last season, without any major problems. In two weeks the Formula 1 season will start with the first Grand Prix. The start will be in Australia on 25 March.

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