ugh, Jones brown insurance now bans them. no dice for drone footage at a 1morelap event.

coles: dammit.

Rant : I've read the rules set out by CASC, I've seen the hurdles Ferd had to go through for RSO. My opinion is the decision makers don't know what it is, don't know how it works, made assumptions, think its scary and when that happens, instant ban. Where is the report showing how dangerous these are? We are hurdling cars down a race track between walls. But flying robots are too risky?

Once day they will be common place. Everyone will have one. Old guys like us will look stupid.

We couldn't even use them at the ice race. I was driving over exhaust ( my own actually ), headlights ( not mine ) but a flying robot is banned because ________ What's the worst that happens? it falls on the track? The odds of running over car debris are the same. It's a distraction? you shouldn't be driving fast then.

But if you knew how they work then you'd understand how they 'go home' when battery is low, when errors occur etc etc.


oh well. gopro on a stick it is.