Ladies and Gentlemen, and Grant:

You heard it here first, The Calabogie GT Challenge, has partnered with 1Morelap and Calabogie Motorsports Park for the 2015 Race Season. We are expanding the program to offer not only our 5th season of the successful GT Challenge, but also offer the new for 2015 Calabogie Platinum Challenge, an Open Passing (Wheel to Wheel, ZERO CONTACT) Race series.

The Calabogie GT Challenge will be narrowed to 3 classes (GT1, 2, and 3), eliminating the current GT1, and putting a minimum lap time of 2:20 around the long track.

The Calabogie Platinum Challenge will have multiple classes, including a Chump Car Class. Mandatory Cages, and a HANS for anyone faster than 2:20 around the long track.

Come to the 2015 Driver's Meeting Lunch on Feb 15th, 2015, to learn all the details!