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    I don't get nervous anymore. If I know the car is good to go, I start to get almost Zen like just before a session. One of the few times where I forget the whole world outside.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SpidermanGeek View Post
    I still think there should be a some sort of a "free for all" introductory event. Pay a fee, sign a waver and lap your heart out for an hour. I get that the potential for reckless dummies is too great, but it would work great for responsible adults curious about getting into it.
    If that's all you're looking for, check out these events:

    I got the grab the dash as a gift one year and it was awesome. Normally they are supposed to have you follow an instructor in a pace car, but because I was the only person, they put an instructor in the car with me for the 45 minutes (me driving) and then 4 laps with him driving.

    Even after the session, I'm not sure I'd be comfortable dealing with other cars on the track and will likely get into the schools at some point, but if you're just looking to get on the track and see if you have the bug...4 laps for 119$. Just don't put the mustang into the weeds as you'd be on the hook as there is no "insurance".

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