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    "Point over the roof". Points finger to the left. Errrrr. Yeah.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wing View Post
    Very few do that corner correctly, it's a difficult corner even if you know the line. Go straight for much longer than you would think, I almost touch the grass before turn in on the outside, then I hook in hard, unwind and gas out the front right hits just before the curbing.

    Same with 14, turn early and pick off the grass on the left side with your front left wheel, the grass is dead there as well, if you turn in nice and early you get a much better shot up the hill. The road falls off and is off camber up the hill so many don't realize how much track they have to track out there.
    Exactly my line through both those corners. Having said that, lines can be very dependent upon suspension & tire set up & how you modulate trail braking.

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