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August 15th, 2013, 11:06am
What an awesome event. We had two "celebrities" driving for us this weekend:

Former NHLer Marc-André Bergeron, and Dragon's Den's Nathan Blok (got sponsored by the Boston Pizza dude for F1600).

Marc-André's vinyl sponsor decided he wanted to wrap the car, and man did it ever turn out nice:


Friday was crazy: practice at 9:30, quali at 2:30(ish), pre-grid for race at 7:30.

practice: Marc-Andre stuffs the car into the tires:




Damage was about the same as when i went in: whole front clip, 1 fender, bumper, splitter, hood.... well we had spares, but they were the wrong colour:


Made it out for qualifying, and the cars got P7 and P8, but with two drop outs (blown motors), we moved up to P5 and P6 for quali. Oh, and Nathan hit the wall in the yellow car during quali, but thankfully it was only dented fenders. We banged those out, repainted them, and we were good to go.


After quali, Marc-André's vinyl guy came back - and they REWRAPPED the car!!! awesome- it looked perfect for the night race:


The race went awesome - we ended P4 and P5 (nathan in front), and both drivers were super happy!


What was more awesome was coming back to the end and having like 100 people there waiting for us with beer- Marc-André's friends/family/groupies were all hanging out - it was really cool.



Saturday morning: 2nd quali: P5 and P6 (IIRC). cool, no damage on the cars - do some setup, chill, go for a nice dinner downtown.

Sunday morning: race 2: holy DRAMA. Alex Healy was in between Bergeron and Blok for a while, trying to pass Bergeron for P3 - He taps him, sends him into a skid - Nathan, following the two, ducks to the inside, Healy turns in, Nathan sees the wall, turns out (into Healy), sends him into a spin and puts him out of the race. Oh crap - Healy's team is PISSED.

Anyways, the officials investigated/reviewed the video after the race - Blok was deemed at fault, but got off with a warning - so he kept is P4 again, and Bergeron was right behind him (again) with P5. An awesome weekend :)

Check out the RDS2 feed that was uploaded here:


CTCC (vendredi) is the night race, and CTCC (samedi) is 2nd qualifying.

And here's a video of Bergeron celebrating after the race, and thus incurring a $1000 fine from the series LOL:



August 15th, 2013, 11:22am
facebook content unavailable, what did he do? lol

August 15th, 2013, 11:39am
donuts at a couple different corners for the fans.

Was given the OK by the president of GP3R, but CTCC doesn't allow showboating. So he didn't pay the fine LOL.

August 15th, 2013, 12:38pm
Great thread! Thanks! :like: