View Full Version : Ontario Time Attack Mosport (Big Boi Track) Drivers School July 28th

July 3rd, 2012, 09:03am

I have signed up for this and it looks like there is room for more.

Please give a look and get on it.



Hi Folks,
You are signed up for Ontario Time Attack's performance driving school at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park on Saturday, July 28th. As OTA's chief instructor I'll be organizing the instructors for this event. I request that you complete this pre-track briefing form in full and return it to me by July 7th, if possible. This is a fillable pdf form, so you should be able to type in the info and then save the file.


Please change the name of the file to your first_lastname_PTB.pdf.

Thank you, as that helps me when I receive multiple files.

This PTB file gets sent to me at frank_ewald@sympatico.ca

There is still room available, so if you have an acquaintance that wants to sign up for the day, please let them know. Registration is available via http://www.time-attack.ca (http://www.time-attack.ca/) Sincerely,