View Full Version : SpeedMerchants - SpeedMerchants driver Perry Bortolotti talks about practice at Nurbu

June 27th, 2011, 04:40pm
Bortolotti talks about the first practice session
“Everything happens so much faster here than at any other track – in a rental car, you have time to
think about what’s coming up, but when you’re going at what feels like mach speed in a race car,
it’s just so much quicker. You’re always second guessing yourself because there’s no margin for
error here. It’s a super narrow, tight track at super high speeds. You just can’t afford to make a
mistake. The problem is, there are so many blind corners and you’re not sure if you’re turning left
or right. Your reaction is to lift, but every time you do that, it adds up to seconds, especially
in the long straights. At the end of the back straight, there’s a left hand corner that you take at
280 kilometers per hour, which is about 174 miles per hour – but you can’t see it, it’s a blind
left hander. And there are about four ‘jumps’ – bumps on the track where the car is in the air,
four times a lap.

“It’s a really steep learning curve, so despite the fact that we’re off the times we thought we’d
be at now, just to conquer this track at those speeds and to know that there’s so much more is a
great challenge. It really is the ultimate challenge for a race car driver.”

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